Our project and portfolio management services enable you to focus on operating your organisation whilst we ensure your digital, technology and transformation programmes are delivered.

Project Management

We have extensive experience of delivery complex digital, technology and transformation projects. Our team ensure that we manage stakeholder and supplier effectively, negotiate and  support commercial decisions, and work as integrated delivery team bridging the gaps between business, third-parties, and digital and technology.

Our team has experience of picking up “projects at risk” that are failing, and delivering them to satisfactory complication, by working with all stakeholder to understand technology challenges, cost and value implications, and political issues.

Portfolio Management

Understanding the big picture is really important. What is also important in today digital and technology world is having the dependencies and opportunities clearly defined. Excellent portfolio and programme management maximises the value of your delivery by sharing knowledge, time, technology and realising the opportunity of scale and digital and technology overlap.

Portfolio management ensures as an organisation you can focus on the areas of greatest risk or opportunity, without being burdened with the detail of other items that are running to plan.

Agile vs Waterfall

Different outcomes require different tools to deliver the best result. We don’t restrict ourselves to specialising in one methodology, we use a mosaic of best practice to ensure your projects have reduced risk and the highest chance of success.

Out team consists of seasoned project managers, and agile coaches who can work with you in-house team to develop their skills and ensure a legacy of knowledge and experience.

Project Office and Governance

Project Governance ensures risk is managed, stakeholders informed, and decisions makers are given the right information.

Regardless of how large, small or complex your organisation good project governance ensures you are in control.