Our design and transformation services ensure you select the right cloud solution and delivery it in the most effective and efficient way.

For too long legacy applications and hardware have blocked business progress, put reliance on obsolete and specialist IT skills and services, and exposed unnecessary risk.

Gray Blue has the experience and expertise to break up your legacy technology problems, and move them to the cloud – bringing technology and business transformation, with fewer risks and the highest chance of success.


We understand what your current technology landscape is in detail, and work with your team and suppliers to create the architecture for your new technology platform. We also consider everything from the resources, risks and mitigation, costs and investment, on going support and of course the business impact of change.


Taking the very best design we will work with you to transform your services into cloud solutions. We will develop communication strategies that ensure your business is ready for change, and your business sees a reduction in risk and an increase in opportunities.

Working with your team and suppliers we create a new technology landscape that leaves you with a transformed solution that is supportable, scalable and more cost effective.