Cloud computing is becoming the standard for hosting digital and technology services, and providing full end to end solutions that can be configured. Cloud services can also provide telephony and video services, and provide the storage and back-up solutions for your organisation.

There are a three core principles that cloud computing should meet:

Scaleable – the ability to increase and decrease computing resource as required

Multi-tenancy – sharing resources with other organisations securely to enable scalability, and reducing cost

Resilient – due to the multi tenancy and scalable nature, resilience should be built in with no single point of failure

However, to most organisations there are additional essential requirements that are critical in their decision to use the cloud for business critical services:

Security – access and data should be secured to the highest standards

Data and Assurance – data should be kept safe (encrypted) and secure, and the geographical location of data should be understood

Exit Strategy – service data should be transferable when the time comes to move from one cloud provider to another

How We Can Help

Gray Blue can help your migration to cloud platforms for your critical environments such as Azure (Microsoft), Amazon Web Services (AWS), ClondNX (Fasthost) – reducing your risk on your legacy environments, improving performance, and delivery better value from your investments.

Our team can also help you review and migrate to Office 365 and G Suite, to ensure that your office applications and core services are delivered in secure, scalable and easy to manage cloud environments.

We also work with other cloud providers such as SalesForce and Atlassian, and many others. Our expertise with Software as a Service will enable you to move to the the cloud and transform your business business processes to ensure maximum value for your investment, and minimise the impact of transition.